Bratislava Airport Transfers

We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Are you planning a business trip or a vacation and you need a comfortable and reliable transfer to the airport? Our drivers in Bratislava Airport Transfers will take care about your comfortable and safe transfer, and particularly about your timely and safe arrival to your destination. We are not a classic taxi service. We are transfer rides specialists between Bratislava (centre or airport) – Vienna (centre or Schwechat airport), but we have no problem to take you anywhere.

Choose Bratislava Airport Transfers and you can start your great business trip or vacation

A safe and comfortable transfer and experienced, professional and friendly drivers, with whom you can talk in Slovak but also in English. These also belong to the main attributes of Bratislava Airport Transfers that will take you to any target destination with its beautiful limousines.

Can I take a ride with Bratislava Airport Transfers taxi service?

Bratislava Airport Transfers is here for anyone who wants to get a transfer to the airport or from the airport to the direction Bratislava/ Vienna, but also to any other destination.

Our cabs are particularly at the disposal of:

  • managers and people working in any field of business
  • companies arranging transfer for their clients
  • families with children
  • tourists
  • groups of friends
  • larger tours, who want to get from one destination to another together

Where can I find your taxicabs? Is your seat at the airport?

You will find our vehicles neither at the Bratislava, nor at the Vienna airport. If you want to use the comfortable services of the Bratislava Airport Transfers, you better plan your trip and order your transfer in advance.

Make the reservation of your transfer in advance and significantly cheaper

How can I order my transfer with Bratislava Airport Transfers?

  • on our webpage based on filling this online form in
  • by phone or sending an SMS to our telephone number: +421 903 853 359
  • by e-mail sent to the address:
  • order us through Whatsapp or Viber on the mobile number: +421 903 853 359

Select your comfortable trip

Get your transfer in quality, modern and luxury vehicles of Bratislava Airport Transfers and we will take care about your comfortable and safe journey. All this in a friendly and informal atmosphere, with considering your requirements.

For your bigger comfort we have secured in our cars:

  • maximum cleanness
  • more space in the back of the car
  • comfortable and adjustable seats with armrests
  • music from quality audio system
  • air-conditioning
  • in case of need baby car seat (from 0 to 36 kg)

You can always rely on the Bratislava Airport Transfers

Our drivers are always informed and they have an overview of what is happening at the airport, where you can go for a trip or what to experience, should you happen to come to Vienna or Bratislava.

Our strength is accuracy. In order to be able to provide safe and on time transfer for you, we ask you to wait for your driver at the pick-up point at the exact agreed hour. Should you be in delay for any reason, we will be glad if you let us know.

It is a matter of course for us that:

  • when getting in and out of the car we will help you with your luggage
  • if you arrive by plane, our driver waits for you directly in the arrival hall with a plate with your name
  • in case of loss of your baggage we are willing to wait 1 hour at the airport

Bratislava Airport Transfers has comfortable vehicles for 4 persons, but also for 49 persons

We are a larger group, can we get a transfer as a group?

If you plan to travel as a group of people, it is not a problem for Bratislava Airport Transfers. Except personal vehicles we offer also transfer with a minibus or bus.

Our car fleet consists of vehicles for 4 persons, 5 to 8 persons, but also of vehicles for 9-17 and more persons, or even of a bus for a whole tour with the capacity of 49 places.

car fleet

How long does the journey take?

From the centre of Vienna to Bratislava

Under ideal conditions and traffic the transfer takes approximately 60 to 75 minutes.

The cities of Vienna and Bratislava are connected with motorway.

From Vienna airport to Bratislava

Count with the fact that the transfer with Bratislava Airport Transfers will take 45 minutes on average.

The Vienna and Bratislava airports are connected with motorway.

From Bratislava airport to the centre of Bratislava

Under ideal conditions the transfer should take approx. 15 minutes.

With certainty we can guarantee!

  • We will pick you up at the agreed place and we will take you to your address

In Bratislava Airport Transfers we provide Door-to-door service. Our friendly drivers will take you directly from your address to your target destination and also back. Whether it is an airport hall, a hotel or a main entrance at the airport in Schwechat or any other location, you can rely upon us.

If you are in a hotel or apartment, which our car has no access to, the driver will stop as close as possible to your address. Should you require to have a stop on another address, it will be our pleasure to help you out. However, count with the fact that picking another passenger up is charged and the amount to be paid depends on the distance between the individual addresses.

taxi picking points taxi picking points

  • The vehicle is parked only for you

You do not have to worry that the transfer ordered by you shall be used by another passenger. The vehicle you have reserved in Bratislava Airport Transfers will be parked solely for you, for your group, family or tour.

Our vehicles are not marked with the TAXI sign. For this reason we will send you the plate number of your vehicle in advance, by means of an e-mail or SMS, so that you can be sure that you get into the right vehicle. Just for certainty, we recommend that before getting into the car you ask the driver about the name of the passenger he is waiting for.

  • Do you need to work during your transfer?

You are welcome to do so. If you need to work or telephone during your transfer, we will secure undisturbed silence and comfort for you. Our vehicles are always perfectly clean and comfortable. We will be happy to ensure any conditions for you, so that you can enjoy your journey in the presence of our friendly drivers.

  • Are you planning to go for a trip with a child? Let us know about it

Bratislava Airport Transfers has also car seats and booster cushions at disposal for free. If you travel with children, let us know in advance and when you order your transfer, please, indicate also their age.

According to the laws valid in Slovakia, in Austria and in the neighbouring countries there is an obligation to have a child seat and the fines for failing to use the child seat can be rather high.

child seat

  • Can I also travel with pets?

We will be happy to provide transfer also for your pets. If you want to travel with a dog or a cat, please, let us know when ordering the transfer. For maximum comfort and safety we ask you to have your pet in a secured crate or in a minibag during the whole transfer.

  • What shall I do if my flight is delayed?

We monitor all the flights of our clients and we have an overview about them. Our driver always waits for you in the arrival hall and on time. Also in case your flight arrives with delay. In such a case we will, of course, not charge you any extra fees (except for the night surcharge).

driver waits in the hall driver waits in the hall

Should you have an information that your flight is delayed or your flight has been cancelled, please, contact us via e-mail on the address or by phone on the non-stop telephone number: +421 903 853 359

  • Is your luggage lost?

If you arrived at the airport and your luggage is lost, contact us by phone and we will immediately contact your driver. His waiting time in the arrival hall can be extended by another 30 – 45 minutes. The transfer price includes waiting 45 minutes in the arrivals hall, additional waiting is charged.

  • Shall I pay any fee if I need to cancel my order with Bratislava Airport Transfers?

Any cancellation of an order is evaluated on an individual base. We count with the fact that anything can happen. For this reason we will be happy if you let us know by phone about any changes right after you get to know about them.

If you cancel the ordered transfer without indicating a reason, in Bratislava Airport Transfers we claim a cancellation fee as follows:

  • 20 % from the deposit in case you cancel your transfer 3 working days before the date of the transfer
  • 50 % from deposit in case you cancel your transfer 2 working days before the date of the transfer
  • 80 % from deposit in case you cancel your transfer 1 working day before the date of the start of the transfer
  • less than 24 hours, 100% from deposit
  • We offer fair attitude for fixed prices

Our fair and transparent attitude is mirrored in our fixed prices. If you want to know, what will be the cost of your transfer, check our pricelist. Our prices are set for one vehicle, for a one-way trip and they are connected to the pick-up at one address.

The clients of Bratislava Airport Transfers know that with higher price they will get more quality services, what is mirrored also in their references.

You can pay for our services in 4 ways:

  • cash
  • bank card
  • bank transfer
  • online payment

I want to make a reservation for a transfer

For your maximum comfort, please, make a reservation for your transfer 24 hours in advance, the latest. We can provide transfer also immediately, if the capacity of our drivers and our possibilities allow us to do so.

The sooner you order your transfer, the greater certainty you have that the vehicle and the driver ordered by you will be arranged for you for the date and time ordered by you.

You can reserve your transfer:

  • on our webpage by filling the online form in
  • by phone or sending an SMS on the telephone number: +421 903 853 359
  • by e-mail on the address:
  • by an order via Whatsapp or Viber on the mobile number: +421 903 853 359

Choose the most convenient option for you.

When placing your order, do not forget to indicate the following data:

  1. Name and surname
  2. Mobile number and e-mail address
  3. Selection of the vehicle
  4. Route
  5. Precise date and time
  6. Flight number (if you fly with a plane)
  7. Pick-up address
  8. Target destination
  9. Number of passengers
  10. Amount of luggage
  11. Child seat (in case of need)
  12. Way of payment

Your reservation is valid only after confirmation from the side of Bratislava Airport Transfers.

Were you satisfied? Leave us a reference

 Let also others know what was your experience with Bratislava Airport Transfers, we thank you for every reference.

Contact us

Should you have any queries, Bratislava Airport Transfers is always at your disposal. You can write us on our e-mail address: or call us on the phone number: +421 903 853 359 (we are at your disposal also on WhatsApp and Viber).

Choose Bratislava Airport Transfers and you can start your great business trip or vacation

Do you have any other questions? We will be happy to give you an answer

  • When shall I check out from the hotel in Bratislava if I fly from Bratislava airport?

It will be good if you can leave the hotel 2 hours before the departure. In case of a bank holiday approaching, before weekend or in time of peak hours we recommend to leave even earlier.

  • When shall I check out from the hotel in Bratislava, if I fly from Vienna airport?

It will be good if the driver can pick you up 2,5 to 3 hours before the departure. In case of international flights we recommend to have even bigger time reserve.

In case of a bank holiday approaching, before weekend or in time of peak hours we recommend to leave even earlier. Please, consider that Slovakia and Austria have bank holidays in different times.

  • When shall I leave Vienna, if my flight ticket is from Bratislava airport?

We recommend that you leave at least 3 hours before the departure. In case of a bank holiday approaching, before weekend or in time of peak hours we recommend to leave even earlier.

  • What shall I do, if I am not able to find my destination in the order form?

If you cannot find your place of destination in the order form, don´t worry. Just click on the OTHER button and fill your requirement in. Or write us on our e-mail address:

  • Can you take me also to another place, not only to the airport? Do you also provide transfers to other destinations?

Bratislava Airport Transfers does not provide only airport transfers, our drivers can take you anywhere. If you have an individual transfer request, contact us and we will send you a price quotation.

  • I did not receive an order confirmation

Your order should be confirmed within a couple of hours. Should you not receive any response from us, just to be sure, check your SPAMs in your mailbox.

Please, do not wait too long and contact us. It is good to contact us on our nonstop phone number: +421 903 853 359. It is also valid in case that you want to order and instant transfer.

The order confirmation consists of: summary of your order and a fixed price. In case of need we can ask you for additional information, e.g. about the details of your flight, flight number, pick-up address, number of passengers.

Only after the agreement of both parties we can proceed to the binding order.

  • How can I pay for my ordered transfer? Can you issue a bill to me?

You can pay in 4 different ways for your ordered transfer:

  1. After the realization of the transfer you can pay in cash to the driver.
  1. After the realization of the transfer you can pay with bank card to the driver directly in the car, as our vehicles are equipped also with a payment terminal.

When realizing a card payment we accept the following cards: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, Vpay, JCB and American Express. You can pay also contactless for your transfer using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The payment terminals operate throughout the whole territory of the EU. We charge a 5% fee.

  1. If you want to pay via bank transfer, first, we send a pro-forma invoice to every client for the ordered transfer, which you have to settle in advance.

We will inform you about the final sum of your transfer in advance and we will calculate it based on fixed pricelist.

  1. If you wish to pay online, we will send you a secured link, through which you can pay for your ordered and confirmed transfer. We charge a 5% fee.

We will send the tax document for your ordered transfer to the e-mail address provided by you.